Paragliding Tandem Flight

Paragliding Tandem Flight on Nyang-nyang Beach – Uluwatu

Would you like to feel like a seagull...? Did you ever wondered how a seagull see the world? Imagine the feeling of flying like a bird does, and enjoy every one of the sensations of heights, as if you really had wings, with no cab standing between you and the open sky. Quietly be able to observe the scenery around you, enjoying landscapes, to overfly the beautiful beach. And then, why not? some excitement, ascents and descents, dizzying, safe pure adrenaline! for all gender and no physical requirement. A paragliding tandem flight is an exciting, one-off experience, however if having experienced the thrill of free flight you wish to take it further, we are able to offer you a full training. In-flight photo and video can be arranged on request.

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